Assassinations' Birthday Event!

My Birthday Is Coming Up And You Are All Invited :D
There Will Be Lots Of Goodies To Be Won

Spoiler: When Is It?

18th November 20:00CC Time - 19th November 01:00CC Time.

Spoiler: Where Will It Be?

A Door From The Eden Vending Realm Will Lead To The Room Where The Events Are To Be Hosted
I Will Holla A Few Times During The Party To Signify The Start Of The Next Event

Spoiler: Events Included

The Events Will Be In A Random Order.
Here Is The List Of Events With Some Information:

Player Vs Player Event:
Sky Island Styled - Jump From Block To Block, Knocking Other QBees Off The Pixels, Bridges And Islands.
NOTE - Harm And Knock-back Wands Only. Those Who Use Heal Or Shrink Wands Will Be Removed
From The Realm. Disconnecting For More Than 5 Seconds During This Event Will Result In A Gather
From The Arena
Prizes - Yes

Password Game - How Well Do You Know Me? If You Can Guess The Correct Password You May Proceed, Those That Don't
Can Always Take The Long Way Around...Mwuhaha
Prizes - Yes

Seeker Event - Race Around A Few Of My Realms, Looking Under Paths, Over Buildings And Through Puzzles To Collect The
Hidden Seekers
Prizes - Yes
Parkour - One Of My Favorite Things To Do In Cubic Castles. Will You Be Able To Beat The 15x15 Parkour I Have Set Up?
Prizes - Yes

Spoiler: What You Should Bring

Harm OR KnockBack Wand- Needed (I Would Recommend Bringing Both)
If You Need Wands They Can Be Purchased At The Eden Vending Realm At 25 Cubits Each Or 20 Cubits Each On The Day
Of The Party :D

Your Best Attitude - You Definitely Need To Bring This :D

Presents? - Don't Worry Too Much About This One. :P

SideNote - If For Some Reason I Go AFK During The Event, Please Be Patient :D

Spoiler: Disclaimer

Not Everyone Will Receive A Prize During The Events As I Have A Limited Amount Of Prizes But I Will Try As Best As I Can To Fill Up Those Prize Machines.

I Also Reserve The Right To Ban Anyone From The Realm If I Suspect That They Cheated/Glitched In Any Way


  • RarixRarix Member
    110.70 Karma
    Happy birthday to you! ^^
  • CanItBeDoneCanItBeDone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
    202.80 Karma
    :O A pvp event >:D, I'll be there for sure!
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
    187.00 Karma
    whoop whoop! I'll try to be there :D
  • RightMakerRightMaker PhilippinesMember
    46.65 Karma
    A happy birthday bud
  • *>Remo<**>Remo<* FamiliarMember, Familiar
    16.40 KarmaFamiliar
    Happy birthday :D
  • MeHawkMeHawk Member
    20.15 Karma
    My advance birthday wishes to you buddy :)
  • 35.00 Karma
    Thanks guys, i hope to see you all at the party :D
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
    53.50 Karma
    I will try to make it Nation. Haven't forgotten to repay you yet mate :) best wishes Nation
  • BrandonXFlameBrandonXFlame Member
    edited November 2017 11.20 Karma
    I hope I don't miss your birthday event ;-;
  • Mr.GranicusMr.Granicus Member
    13.95 Karma
    See you there e.e
  • FlooksFlooks Member
    39.70 Karma
    Happy birthday :D
  • space_fetusspace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    127.35 Karma
    I'll be there if I can
  • _Elf_Elf Member
    7.30 Karma
    Happy Birthday I will see if I can be there!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday :)
  • *Zoddy**Zoddy* Member
    10.60 Karma
    Have a happy birthday!
    i'll be sure to turn up!
  • CoolGuyBossCoolGuyBoss Member
    5.95 Karma
    happy birthday
  • 52.95 Karma
    Happy early burfday! :D
  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* Member
    1.05 Karma
    Happy Birthday!!!! (Sayin a day early just in case!!)
    BUT A Very Merry Birthday to you!!
  • 35.00 Karma
    Just a quick update:
    I have had to shorten the event a bit D:
    Spoiler: New Info

    As some of you would know i had my exams this week, i have been too busy to get stuff ready for the party so i have had to make it shorter. the same amount of prizes will still be given out so don't worry :D

    The party will now be held in one of my parkour realms which i am currently remaking to fit this event. You won't need to bring anything to complete the parkour. It will be simple but maybe a bit frustrating as i will place a few hard areas around with minimal checkpoints x.X

    Prizes: Will range from top hats to black bikini bottoms. There are plenty of prizes for everyone! The parkour will be open for 24 hours if i can make sure nobody can cheat in any way.

    I will announce on this thread when the parkour is open with the realm name. Warp food to it will also be available in the eden vending realm

  • FuzakenFuzaken Member
    26.00 Karma
    Happy Birthday Nation ;-; Sorry But i think i can't join your event due to game issues, sorry
  • 35.00 Karma
    Dr. Roger said:

    Happy Birthday Nation ;-; Sorry But i think i can't join your event due to game issues, sorry

    I understand. I hope it gets solved soon :D
  • 35.00 Karma
    The Realm Is Now Open!
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