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Pixels farmer with crop

in Art 1.90 Karma
I know this not that good but it first time I drawn in pixel
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  • -Joystick--Joystick- Member
    66.50 Karma
    That's a great drawing for your first try :)
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
    242.15 Karma
    Looks nice :D
  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* FamiliarMember, Familiar
    6.95 KarmaFamiliar
    Its good! Don't doubt yourself.. Just keep doing it and before you know it you'll be a pro!
  • MeHawkMeHawk Member
    15.10 Karma
    Wow that’s nice
  • edited November 10 1.90 Karma
    Here my clan logo I remade

    That's a great drawing for your first try :)

    Thank you all for saying it nice I kinda never really do pixel art stuff but I started back in 2014 but stop in 2015 so I guess am still abit rusty but still good
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