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I have played this game for quite a long time, and i want to share some "personal" stuff in here. The problem is not mattering. Nobody really cares about me or what i do, i just can't find friends without getting tossed away and replaced with someone better than me.
This appened many times in CC, and thats ok, but the problem is that it appens with my real life too. If it appened only in this game the problem wouldn't even exist. But it appens, and it keeps appening in my REAL LIFE. Everyone just doesn't care about me. I don't matter to them. I don't matter to you. I don't matter to myself. I'm just there, with no will to live, pretending that everything's okay and it's going to change one day. I don't know if this is just a "temporary" issue (ya know......beeing 15), but i hope it is. Maybe one day i will do something important, but i'm not 100% sure about this (it's more like a 5% sure-ness). Everyday it's always the same thing : go to school; get ignored for 5 hours; get back home; study for a few hours; absolutely nothing.
I'm always feeling down, even while writing this.
Can you give me any advice? Some help maybe?


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    I have a hard time making newer friends in this game, probably because I don't participate in events or hang out with people much these days. If you want out of this seclusion, I would suggest that you to never give up. Making solid friends on the online world (whoa, what a phrase!) is pretty difficult: as you aren't really communicating word to word. Fortunately, communication is still possible. Try your best to seek out someone who's friendly and willing to talk with you. These kind of people are some of the best people you'll ever meet. I always believed that talking outside the game also deepens friendship bonds. Try it, who knows ;)
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    I've been through that kind of stuff, and even it got better with time, my main concern at the beginning was to not care , at all . When you realize that it's just a fraction of your life, and that as you said, you'll maybe do something important one day (let's say 80%, not 5.), then you can feel the magic of not caring , and it's good ;u; . But maybe It's related to one of my problems, so idk if it's as easy for others .

    You may push yourself to meet people, but shouldn't act differently than you are

    Have a nice blanket .
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    I am a loner myself, I feel what you are saying.
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    Make sure to be yourself! I see your having a hard time!
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    By the way, i should correct myself.
    I'm not 15 YET, but soon i will
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