Come join the Rainbow Pups!

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My new clan, the Rainbow Pups, have begun! We held a giveaway yesterday, where we gave out a Repulsion Cap, 2 Nukes, and a few other good items!

Thanks for whoever came yesterday. Me and Mander were very excited to hold this event, and we hope you enjoyed it as well!

Now, to the important stuff.

We need more members. Very simple.

These are the ranks within the clan:
Mega Pup: The leaders. Listen to them and you should be good.
Supreme Pup: The admins. These people help the leaders with their workload and keep the clan running when they are gone.
Helper Pup: The moderators. They help with getting things done, such as jobs, and show the newer members around the clan.
Little Pup: The second lowest rank. Does jobs and stuff for the clan.
Trial Pup: The lowest rank. Must listen to the Leaders, Mods, and Admins, but do not have to listen to the Pups.

The things we currently need from our clan members for jobs are displayed in the clan room. Just search up, Craftpup, in the lobby and when you enter, look for a portal that says 'Clan Room' on a sign attached to the portal. Then you are good to go!

Just wait for xX ManderingMetal9 Xx,Tinypup_34, or SydRocket12 to be online to join.

Hope you want to join!
Woof woof!!
*wags tail and licks the screen*

*Plays with a rubber ball*

*Rips rubber ball apart*

*barks loudly*

(okay ill stop now XD)


(Now. XD)
Rainbow Pups, Yes or No?
  1. Who wants to join the Rainbow Pups?5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I would, but I have my own clan... sorry
    4. Never! Your clan sucks! I saw the clan room NUBS! xD
    5. Yes! I will join! This sounds awesome!!!!!
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