How To solve all your tapjoys issues !

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its the only way , cc cant do anything about it .

also, please only take green quests, only the ones on google play works . They're the cheapest, but the blue ones are not intended to work, its a trick , and I dont think tapjoy is responsible for the lost time .

select green adds . if you dont get money from the green ones, then click the link .

If that doesnt work, stop losing time with tapjoy .


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    Actually, some timeago, I done an offer and contacted support. But they never contacted me back even with another mail. And the suport page in game (where you explain your complaining) was laggy : the completed offer didn't appear even if I completed it and didn't get my c.... Sooo yeah but it can work of course, just saying what i've experienced
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    My iphones tapjot doesnt even show up...
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
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    My iphones tapjot doesnt even show up...

    if im not wrong, there is a fix to that, if you go to settings and enable "evasive ads"
    i am not 100% sure, but i used this trick and it worked for me
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