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I love pieI love pie Member
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I was mining sand in a desert mine today and someone came up to me and gave me 15k sand. Then after me thanking them for a while. They gave me tons of different sentries, four nukes, and a bottomless dark stamp, all for free. This player was level 4 and I remember their name having _sn1per in it. But I was too shook to pay attention to the rest of the name. I friended them but they quickly left and unfriended me. If anyone knows this person or if u are this mystery giver, please make yourself known. And again, thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Snipe monkey?
  • LateComLateCom Member
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    That's lovely. Good to have people with such luck.
    I once got 7k sand unknowingly as well.
  • I love pieI love pie Member
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    No, not snipe monkey, thanks for the suggestion though! And yes latecome! Very much agreed!
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
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    Im lucky too that time.
    Someone else that i dont know randomly entered my realm and just dropped a bunny pet level 5.
    I just thanks to him but he/she left and i dont know he/she name until now :'v
  • LateComLateCom Member
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    Heh u guys cant beat meh
    Some noob bought all my pumpkin seeds 1k each. I had about 200 of those.
  • Sir. PortoSir. Porto Member
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    I just saw this person doing a holla. His full Name is XxPanda_Sn1perxX
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    What a generous act!
  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* Member
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    Thats awesome! I myself have went around n dropped stuff onto folks and ran away... lols. Its a great way to do something nice! And im sure you deserved it!
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    wow, most ive been donated harm wand
  • canitbedonecanitbedone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
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    When those Pow Packs came around, I use to open them in the middle of a random realm :P
  • The Death ReaperThe Death Reaper Behind youMember
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    I just saw this person doing a holla. His full Name is XxPanda_Sn1perxX

    That guy gave away a halo lol
  • Qbee vampireQbee vampire Member
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  • DafniDafni Member
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    Wow! But I do know very nice people, yes. My friend (who I cannot mention because she changes her username so much, it would be outdated in less than a week) has given me over 70,000c worth of stuff.
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