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That bug...

*TheAnderPro**TheAnderPro* Member
edited November 4 in Bug Reports 0.45 Karma
I got a problem .. If you do a floor of brushes and the portal on they you get bugged. And you cant move, place blocks, or do nothing.

Things tryed:
-A Knoback wand.
-Take the portal
-Disconect and reconect

video here
the video will be removed before the fix


  • -Joystick--Joystick- Member
    66.50 Karma
    Could you add screenshots? I can't really see where and how it bugs...
  • U  U Member
    97.10 Karma
    What’s the realms name?

    Also, phantoam phoam the bushes and you will be able to go through them if I understand correctly.
  • EagenceEagence Member
    3.45 Karma
    Phantoam phoam, leaving the realm and teleporting to someone andpciking up the door solves the issue, you just get stuck in between bushes and experience some interesting funny issue. Picking the door may require 2 or 3 trys based on position of your qbee. Still not a huge deal, not sure if it can be regarded as bug or require any fix, but funny ^^.

    You also cause some vitual glitches in other client pcs. But besides that I see no issue here.
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