Can someone who is a really great builder please help me!

Dean_JardimDean_Jardim Member
If your a skilled builder please read this - I want to build a haunted mansion realm with ghosts and everything to make it spooky for example i want a haunted mansion in a dark forest with halloween night as inviroment and grave yards and ghosts arround the place! I also want a secret passage that goes to a secret basement where our Spooky Army will meet! Any skilled builder is needed - GhastlyGhostHD


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    If you have a drawing of a plan then people might help - also most good builders work on commission and this might be something you need to add
  • Dean_JardimDean_Jardim Member
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    oh okay thank you i will see if i can add one then
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    If its within my capabilities I will happily help - also specify whether you are providing the resources
  • Dean_JardimDean_Jardim Member
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    i don't think i have the resources tho but i am also planning on putting signs of people who helped to show how grateful i am. I am thinking about starting youtube i will make a vid on the people who helped to show i apreciated it and to make people now about these builders so they can get recognition.
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    Depending on the materials and difficulty of the build I will help
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    I can help eventually, but i need to be shown what you are thinking of.... and i will do it free IF you have the recources, dirt and such doesnt matter since its almost free, but i am talking about recources that cost 1c or more each

    If you have the recources available i am glad to help but if i need to get the recources then i need a paying.

    Also dont expect me to have it done really fast if its a big realm like 50x50 or up because i am not a very fast builder
  • CoffeeFreak87CoffeeFreak87 Member
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    If you got the stuff I'll happily help you build for free
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