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JackFury's Drawing Thread (CLOSED)

JackFuryJackFury Member
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ATTENTION: I am currently swamped in orders, while still getting more! As of right now, I cannot accept new requests, you will have to wait a bit while I finish these. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will comment on the discussion when I am open for requests again. Thanks

I am doing Qbee drawing commissions! :D I will currently take orders, and do more when I finish those. Each picture is 800 cubits, here are the styles you can choose from:

Style 1

This art style is more or less my main one, with a normal-sized Qbee, normal shading, and a variety of colored shapes as a background. (Sample of a picture I drew of Ed)

Style 2

This one is a lot more "cute" looking, making the Qbee much smaller in size but keeping the head large. The shading is bare minimum, giving it more of a 2d look. (Sample of a picture I drew of skullcandy)

(I personally recommend style 1, it looks better ^^)

For each order, I need:
- The style you want
- A screenshot of your Qbee
- Which pet you want with it
- Your gender, so I know how to draw the Qbee's body
- When you can pay (putting the c in my tip piggy in JackFury's Realm is the easiest and fastest way)

Also: I really do need a screenshot of your Qbee, because there are some things I don't know how to draw. (E.g., one person wanted me to draw an Easter bonnet once, and I didn't know exactly how to draw it, nor did I have one. So I had to hunt down a friend who would let me borrow it so I could wear it and screenshot myself.) Please do include a screenshot of your Qbee, it saves me a lot of time :)

Also: You are welcome to request other objects in the picture, and I will decide if I will draw them or not. Please keep the side requests not too big, like "all the pets in the game in 1 pic" because those are really big projects, which means the next people in line have to wait longer.

I'll finish them as soon as I can :D

Current orders:
*Amnesty* - Style 1
#CREEPER# - Style 2
-Joystick- -Style 1

Finished orders:
iCantiWill - Style 2
MELTDOWN - Style 2
- Angelica - Style 1
NoeNt - Style 2
Ed - Style 1
Skullcandy36052 - Style 2
danielterry002 - Style 2
Pickles2001 - Style 1
Liberated - Style 2
Mr.Poppe - Style 1
-Joystick- - Style 2
TheCaptainFalcon - Style 1
GoldBlocker - Style 1
Materialist - Style 1
Reaper Bear - Style 1
Reaper Bear - Style 2
*FallenBacon* Style 1
$uperplayz - Style 1
TheCaptainFalcon - Style 1
Delta429 - Style 1
danielterry002 - Style 1
-KingBunny- - Style 2
#CREEPER# - Style 1
skullcandy36052 - Style 1
Haborym - Style 1 & Style 2
Ome R - Style 1
*Acolyte Bonnie* - Style 1
*Acolyte Bonnie* - Style 1


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