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I am tired of all of those "fake friends" and rude people. Every time i'm at pen's yard rentals selling something expencive, there has to be at least one person insulting me because i don't accept their offer. And every once in a while there will be that one friend asking for free items (note: i used to give him hats and clothing).
I'm starting to get tired of all of this. All i do when i log on is checking my plants, sometimes water them and.......thats it.
I "play the game" pretty rarely because i just can't enjoy it like before. Nearly all my friends are obsessed with cubits and trading, and always ask me if i'm selling an item or not. I got very few actual friends, even tho my friend list is full.
The game changed a lot since i joined. It was supposed to change for the better (it actually did, for the most part), but all my friends started to quit, scamm and slowly became "gold diggers". I'm asking for something new to the game (of course not updates and items).
I'm asking for friends, someone to have fun with, someone who cares about me. I don't know if this is only my problem, but can you give me some advice? Would you help me?
I don't jnow what to do anymore...........................


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    True, the game itself had become the profit game. It's like everyone else is seeking for ways in earning cubits, and leaving lesser times to accompany their friends, and this leads to lots of problem, scamming, cheating, insulting, begging and lots more, all I can tell is, they are way more kids playing this game than in the past, that's y it's hard to get any good friend... Maybe it's time for you to spend your time in other places, just wish you good luck in finding new friends~
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    Imo,finding actually good friends is all about luck and how good friend you are yourself.I have been pretty lucky with friends so far even tho only like 1-3 of them still play :(
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    lucaaa795 said:

    They are good people (well not all but most yeah)

    Many here on the forums are disgustingly rude.
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    lucaaa795 said:

    lucaaa795 said:

    They are good people (well not all but most yeah)

    Many here on the forums are disgustingly rude.
    Well that's your opinion on it...But if they're disgustingly rude, why do you keep using the forums?
    One flower won't turn autumn into spring.
    To keep up to date on updates and to keep in touch with my friends.
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    I make new friends all the time, but I stay in-game for players like Superxtreme, Jose_Candy, Ed, Missilence, Hinter, Pious, and many others... point is, play for your real friends and do things with them. Don't bother or associate with people who don't appreciate you for you, and only want to be friends or want to associate with you for cubits, clothing, items, etc.

    To answer your questions:

    1) I have noticed that people with "rare" or "cool" names tend to get a bit more attention, which leads to more real friendships - (based off of a social experiment I did - many people failed.. T.T) and people will less "cool" names get ignored often, unless they just impress everyone they meet. I'm not saying you have to have a "cool" name in order to develop relationships, but haven't you noticed that some of the most popular players in-game that have "cool" names have lots of friends?

    2) For the advice: If you haven't already joined Helping Hands, join that clan. I promise you, you will be appreciated, and having fun once again in-game, while making real friends and doing things that better your experience in-game. I had fun even when I thought I couldn't have fun being in that clan. :P
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    lets be best loner friends, we can go hunting for plasms and talk about economy in cc... many more... im facing same problems too... nub friends constantly begging for free rares... simple... i unfriend them. people who only care about business... i confront them...

    Jz try talking to someone chill and does not care about giveaway holla and arent a goldigger... depends on ur luck like what *>Remo<*said.
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    I can talk to u if u want...
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    lucaaa795 said:

    They are good people (well not all but most yeah)

    Many here on the forums are disgustingly rude.
    especially some mini mods and aggresive when it comes to competition.
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    I get where you are coming from!! I actually am blessed to finally have alot of great friends in this game.. But some people will make u feel bitter. I worked really hard to do this epic giveaway... Spent at least 100k on it.. Now understand i didnt buy cubits.. I just have alot of free time and worked really really hard in game.. bascially living at my shop and my crafting room, lol. But i pulled it off... It felt great to give to those that might not have cubits... but after... oh my geez... The way people reacted makes me not want to continue with more giveaways... Every 5 minutes ppl were beggin for free stuff for a week or so after. And when i said no i couldnt help they got offended as if i owed them something. Or proceeded to tell me how im rich so im being selfish by not giving them more.. Lols... I have 3k right now.. And yea i got rares, but ive played for 2yrs and worked hard for them.. Some folks absolutely make this game hard to play and irritate.... BUT .. At some point if u play often enough you'll find that group of friends that make it wonderful.. That share.. That are kind...
    You'll get there, if you are patient enough... I wish you the best of luck. I know how you feel.. but it can get better
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    Mary i have the same issues
    Once, this nub came in and asked for a sub vamp and i politely declined
    Guess What?
    He said f u and left.

    Random Noob: Can i have this item? You have so many of it!
    Me: Nah, sorry
    Random Noob: Ur RICH PLEASE!!!!
    Me: No, please go away.

    5 minutes later...
    Random Noob Has Entered.
    Random Noob: Can I please have a free hat?
    Me: Look, Be contented with what you have instead of what you dont.
    Random Noob: Starts cursing in their own language and leave with a "polite" F bomb.
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    Well if you are a great talker we can be friends, i like to talk around and i dont even care about cubits xD
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    Welp, thanks for all the advice you gave me. The problem comes when i'm really crowdy realms :V
    When im in random realms (mine for example) i can have a "normal conversation", but the argument is mainly cubits and trading. But sometimes i have fun simply by doing stupid stuff with people. I was in a random realm with like 6 people in it once (i wont explain what they were actually doing) and i had a whole lot of fun with them. But i have to admit that i really really (really really really really, ok ya get it) like roleplaying. It's fun and sometimes random. Thats why i was planning on making a roleplay realm. One day i will make one. Hopefully.
    So yea, if you like roleplaying we might be friends :P .
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    Soo i was trying to sell Spider Umbrella at Pen's yard rentals and the first guy that was interested in buying it offered me 10k.I said no... The next thing he said was "Go F### yourself you piece of S#!#" and then he kept saying to everyone who came by that im a scammer.Community sucks!
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    Ya I get so many people that just want me for my items. I have 1 friend I can actually just talk with.
    Except there was this one person that started talking with me (this is when we had the old lobbies) and we would just talk. He tried to give me stuff but I declined until later I found them at a donation table and a letter in my mail box that said here take them I won't need them.
    I finally accepted them while making sure he still wanted to give them to me. (I'm not good at accepting gifts .-.) after that I accepted. He gave me permission in almost every realm or room he had. I think he wanted me to trust him because after a few months of this he asked right before I said I was leaving. Can I hold on to your Easter umbrella until you get back?( I didn't buy it, I won the 2017 Easter competition) I left without saying anything. After that he kept asking for it. Until I made a sneaky plane to get rid of him I said I was quiting cubic castles because of my job and giving it to my sister. I gave him back his stuff made him unperm me in everything and them said goodbye.
    I left the game waited until he was offline. Unfriended him removed the mailbox and then played on my alt for like a 3 weeks.
    (Through out this scam, he was very patient waiting 4 months before asking.)

    This worked thankfully, never seen him since.

    It is super hard to find friends that can deal with all the mining I do XD

    U seem as a friend that won't try to just use me .-. it's always nice to have a chat while mining. Just be wary though if I don't tp u it's just cuz I think I'm annoying u. It takes a while for me to warm up to people.

    U will have to deal with all my mining though. XD
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