Tapjoy Offers

I've completed some tapjoy offers, but the cubits dont arrive
One of the offers was a high amount of cubits that i really need.
Any fix to it?


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    How can i contact tapjoy support?
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    Ive already clicked on that, but the offer dont appear...
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    It was 20.000 cubits, I had to reach level 11 on lords mobile,thats it. I completed it as it said.
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    Thanks :)
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    It still says that i have to click on the tab that it says missing cubits?, Ive already done that but the offer didnt show, so i couldnt even do that.
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    I've talked with a mod, but he said the same, i cant contact tapjoy support, i've sent a support ticket, but i doubt that theres a solution...
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    What do you need the cubits for? I'm planning to buy 7 5OO cubits and can give you 2 5OO cubits. :)
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    I want to buy a nametag :P
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    Ok... I'll buy it when i have the chance. 2 5OO isn't alot, but remember that every cubit counts.
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    Thanks so much :)
    I guess that i wont see the c from that offer..arw. I also have sent a support ticket to tapjoy, but it doesnt even choose the right offer to complain about..
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    Eternal that's Level 11 Castle Not Player

    Edit : I know this cuz I'm doin it Right now and u need level 11 castles not your player.
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    Sometimes offers don't work I just keep doing them till one works
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