Halloween Town

Hi, Vetra Nyx here. Jellybunny would like a spot in one of the Halloween Town creation realms. She has school so she wasn't able to get very much info. She didn't get to participate in the last event, so helping her out on this one would be fantastic. Jellybunny would like to rent a spot in Halloween Town but no one was there to help her. I am online right now, add Vetra Nyx and Tp and I will have Jelly log on to chat with you. Please and thank you.


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    The thread with all the information: http://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/16567/cubic-halloween-town-2017-building-contest#latest

    But, you rent a spot in one of the Halloween realms for 5,000 cubits then build something based on the events “theme” found in the thread/link. Keep in mind you get the 5,000 cubits back at the end of the event.

    You can find the event realm in the Cubic town center.
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    You don't have to ask anybody to assign you a spot, all you have to do to enter is buy a plot in one of the Cubic Halloween Town [2017] realms and get started, you will get the 5000c entry price back after the event finishes
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    What exactly is it that she needs help with? Renting is pretty self explanatory... so i'm guessing its something other than the how-to...
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