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It's about time someone bought this up.

Nowadays, hundreds of underage kids are playing Cubic Castles and Growtopia

Without their parents guiding them,

They see things that they shouldn't see at their young ages. They learn things parents don't want them to learn, swearing for example.

At their age, they can be easily manipulated, tricked or scammed.

They're emotional.
The smallest of scams could be enough to drive them insane.

Some even "throw their lives away".

I've witnessed a 15 year old in Growtopia, broadcasting that he wants to commit suicide. A hundred people visited him to ask him to stop.

Eventually, his friend talked some sense into him. He is now an active player in GT.

Some people are taking advantage of these depressed lot. There is an app called "Blue Whale", it gives the user mad tasks such as

- Draw a whale on your arm with a razor and send us a picture as proof.
- Do something that you don't wanna do.
- Wake up at 4:00am
- Watch a horror movie at night without your parents and record yourself while watching.

And the final task being

- Jump off a building.

The developer of this task said he made this app to rid off the useless from this world, the ones with no future.

And to you I say, You are not irrelevant.

You can accomplish so much, if you just believe.

You got scammed?

So what!

You can earn it back with some work! You did it before, didn't you?

The main reason I even quit for 2 weeks-ish was because of depression.

I had to take a break, from cc, from yt, from the horrid and dark place called The Internet.

I cured my depression with self-belief.
You can too!

Here are something's you could do to make yourself feel better --->

- Stay Healthy -

This could affect your emotions dramatically.

Take a bath, brush your teeth, eat healthy stuff (or something you like).

Then, maybe go outside for a walk.
If you live near a nature surrounded place, that's even better!

Go out when you feel the weather looks great!

Look at the beauty that surrounds you.

- Socialize -

Most kids suffer depression because of loneliness. I don't even have ONE friend irl.

Though let me tell you, it's not hard making friends. Both ig & irl!

Maybe TP one of your friends and chat or make a game, like football, in your realm and invite others to play with you.

You'll start feeling happy.

- Do the stuff you like! -

Not much of an outdoorsman? Don't worry, me neither.

If you're not gonna go outside, then entertain yourself inside!

Order some of your favorite food!
Rent a TV Show, Movie or Game you'd really like to watch or play!

Play multiplayer on a game that you're really really good at, so you can win a lot!

Makes me feel better.

All I'm saying is that, you're not a noob, somebody out there MUST like you, you don't have to be rich to be happy!

You're worth a million times more than some scammer!

You can do what others say you can't!

Just be yourself, everybody else is taken.

Thank you.


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    lucaaa795 said:

    Parental controls.

    Like kids would ever want their parents knowing lol
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    Yeah, depression is not an easy thing to live with. Many times I would get bullied just because I was the loner girl, antisocial, the wierd one.
    Being bullied in life then to start being cyber bullied or being scammed.

    This can make people feel worthless, they can't do anything right. They will always make mistakes. Why not just end it, I was nothing anyway.

    I know this feeling, too many times.

    But trust me when I say it deos get better.
    Instead of harming yourself,
    Take a jog.
    Go to the gym, or workout at home
    Even cleaning helps.

    These challenge yourself without making you feel worse
    When ur done you will feel accomplished.

    I'm not saying depression will stay away forever. It will come back.
    But you have the power to fight it, if you give in, all ur doing is throwing away a life that means so much.
    Out of all the people that could have been born instead of you, weren't. YOU were born. YOU have the chance to live a life. YOU have a say to what you can do in ur life. YOU have the power to do what you want to accomplish.

    Having depression I know how it feels to try to make friends.

    Remember in class where you had the answer, and you know it's right, but you were too anxious to say it.
    Try saying it. The boost of confidence will definitely help your mood, others may even see you in a new light.

    In school try to interact more in class.
    Slowly even if you have to.
    Step by step you will feel more confident.
    You will have friends

    You will have control of your life and what you do with it.

    I hope we made someone's day out there.
    Made them feel something again.

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    Closing this.
    If you need help seek it professionally.
    Going into details of such struggles and that blue whale game isn't appropriate on these forums.
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