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=NOH= started soon be a full clan

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Hi it I'm just posting this post to honor all the people who help me get this far to host a clan
In discord I be letting people join but I would ask if boy or girl so I can give them role so it
Safer and I be trying to sign up to be mod for cubic castle here the link to group it still new


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    Is your clan founded? If so, you can send me all infos about it so I can add it to the clan list ;P
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    It was founded 2015 but the real members dont play cubic castle so I public it todayp
    But I still saving for clan stone Idk why the cost is high sure it to slow down all the clan being made
    New link sorry if it did not work I forgot it was on 1 day set

    I not always on discord am mostly on IMO talking with friends from in game I can't tell my number here do to safely like one of the oldest rules in the world
    Never share private information even password
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