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What you got?

LiteRaryLiteRary Member
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What you got from Halloween Pack?

I got 2 beagul head
1 green eye thingy head
1 Pumpkin baloon
And a few things...Decos...So bad. ;-;


  • SilverPinkSilverPink Member
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    I opened 50k and got:
    Werewolf head
    The umbrella
    Cyclops head
    Deco and old masks.
  • StevenlolStevenlol Member
    edited October 2017 69.70 Karma
    1 Spider Umbrella
    1 Werewolf Head
    2 Spider Dens
    3 Pumpkin Balloons
    3 Cyclops Heads
    3 Yellow Heads
    2 Beakbee Heads
    1 Twobee Head
    2 Halloween Stamps
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    Just blasted 5k into the oblivion
  • *Mr.Kewberth**Mr.Kewberth* Member
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  • *>Remo<**>Remo<* Member
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    U ARE SO LUCKY...i got 2 robo heads and a bride of frankenstein wig
  • SpookaloniSpookaloni Member
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    headlessness and werewolf
  • galantisgalantis Member
    edited October 2017 18.65 Karma
    i think im lucky :D
    i spent today 50k
    and got...

    werewolf head
    spider umbrella
    pumpkin Balloon
    2 spider pets
    halloween stamp

    and others mask heads etc
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
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    I spent 2.5k and got balloon. :>
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