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Alright so when I have the sound and music all the way down and I’m listening to my own music I can still here some noises such as “Cannons, Fire thongs, Wands, the sound effect of the Shrink wand, And the Qbee hurting spund effect, Cows and Pigs NOT MUCH BUT YE.


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    The NPC chat bubble (not when their speaking but when you click to open their chat) is really loud and can't be muted (unless you turn the device's sound off). I noticed it with the Farmer in the official realm, but I don't know if the same goes for NPCs in the single player mode.

    The real question is why are some sound effects not controlled by music or sound effects? ._.
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    Happened to me, still struggling to listen to my own music. I hope they can fix this bug/glitch.
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    That might explain when my little brother wanted to play Cubic Castles on my phone I could still here the long sound of a prize dispenser trough my songs!
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    NPC chat, Cannons, Fire, Wands, Qbee Walk, Injury, Mob sounds are all sound effects...
    If your sound not get silenced as you muted both music as well as sound volume, then you may also silence it from speaker mixer of windows for PC. For mobile I have no idea.

    (you may also change it manually from appdata files, specifically coniguration/settings txt file but you need to restart cubic.exe)
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