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Help me make (poorcon) new event made up

Buying items cheap then usual for the new event I made up called poorcon it will be a donating service for the people who have a hard time playing or really cheap clothes if we are about to run out of business people must not lie liers will result in a blacklist.


  • LiberatedLiberated Member
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    Sounds like you want to help people, but nobody has a hard time playing really. This game isn't challenging, except for getting insanely high priced items, which most players don't care for anyways. In other words, this game is simple and is easy to get somewhere without any help.

    To me this sounds more of a literal con in order to get people to sell you cheap items, so you can profit off those items, and just say you donated to the needy.

    I doubt this because you have no credibility, first of all.
    And secondly, if you really want to join a helping group or donating-type of clan, join Helping Hands here and get some credibility:

    Don't take this personally. This is just how I view this thread.
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