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Game wont start properly.

Undead_HeroUndead_Hero Member
edited October 12 in Bug Reports 0.25 Karma
It starts up to the starting screen when I push play I get this
<MODULE>C:\Program Files (x86)\Cubic Castles\Cubic.exe</MODULE>C:\Program Files (x86)\Cubic Castles\Cubic.exe<PRODUCT>Cubic</PRODUCT><VERSION>1.8.2</VERSION><STACKWALK>0001:00078C7D</STACKWALK><STACKWALK>0001:001B29A0</STACKWALK><STACKWALK>0001:001D160E</STACKWALK><STACKWALK>0001:001BDFDD</STACKWALK><STACKWALK>0001:001ADD54</STACKWALK>

Nvm Apparently it worked now, I just kept trying.
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