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Story Telling

MeddMedd Member
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It's Easy. I will have to say the first sentence then you will make another sentence then another and another and so on and so fourth.
You can create the story using your sentence.

Let's Start:....
Once upon a time, there was a newbie named Quarters.


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    Quarters was a naked qbee who wanted to cover his most private qbee parts. (Like when I was a newb ;-;)
  • MeddMedd Member
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  • 26.05 Karma
    Quarters had an annoying brother named SnowySpinBot.exe.

  • Baby RemBaby Rem Member
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    SnowySpinBot.exe liked to poke Quarters' naked body.
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    Quarters got really angry and then he started to poke SnowySpinBot.exe back.
  • skills r usskills r us Member
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    SnowySpinBot.exe poked Quarters back but it was considered harassment so they filed a restraining order
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