CC Is That You? It Makes Me Cry

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Today as I listened to the music introduced for the first time it almost made me well up in tears...tears of sadness and happiness. I been with CC for quite some time and it is like watching my own baby child grow up then move off to college :O:! CC was very simple back then and when we got updates they were pretty basic/infrequent. Holiday updates were spread thin as things like the Thanksgiving Pack did not exist. This was in the youth of CC, it is indeed strange looking at CC now because it is almost unrecognizable with all the additions. Not bad by any means, progress is a great thing. It is a true testimony on the devs part of how hard they have worked to evolve CC, it shows especially with the additions in the last year. Do you get the feeling of woah too? Cars, Farming, and the list goes on. Like what is even happening. It is like my birthday is being celebrated every week in CC. There are so many more block choices now I have not even fully played with all the blocks yet like the recently added sand castle blocks. The almighty cube is blessing us with a rain of mana! Do you need a tissue, because the tears be flowing.

Good job devs <3


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    I feel the same way *Insert single tear emoji here*
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    We love you CC :O:! *hugs U*
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    Remember when there where no faires...
    No lobbies
    No cash registers
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    I remember when....


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    I remember when...
    There were still beta bushes for sale in the cubit store
    Nothing could beat the old way of cc... those nub times...
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    i remember the old cubit store ;-;
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    That almighty cube is again taking credit for the blessings our Flying Cosmic Cows bestow upon us!! For shame! He always takes credit.. Yet he is blessed... Poor baleful never takes false credit and is disliked... While this whole time its alien cows that truly got our backs.... Religion is soo messed up...
    lols! Yea i agree...
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