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-Angel's Suggestions-

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Welcome to Angel's Suggestions!


Headbands, they come in multiple colors, Head Accessory.

Arm Warmers, they come in multiple colors, Hand Accessory.

Fingerless Gloves, they come in multiple colors, Hand Accessory.

Wristbands, they come in multiple colors, Hand Accessory.

Leg Warmers, they come in multiple colors, Pants.

Basketball Tanktop, they come in red, navy blue, or yellow and they have a number on them, Shirts.

Football Helmet, they come in white, red and navy blue, Head Accessory.

Leotard, they come in navy blue, pink, magenta, lavender, white, and have long sleeves, Shirts.

Feminine Clothing

Sunhat&Curly Hair, it comes in brown, blonde, black, Head Accessory.

Fancy Parasol, they come in red, navy blue, pink, Hand Accessory.

Ballet Tutu, they come in pink, white, and they're longer than normal tutus, Pants.

Purse, they come in brown, tan, yellow, camo, Hand Accessory.

Lipstick, makes your qbee-ette's lips red! They come in red and pink, Miscellaneous.

Gangster Clothing

Skull Shirt, they come in gray and black, they have a white skull on, Shirts.

Torn Jeans, they come in gray and black, they're torn, Pants.

Sweaty Tanktop, they come in white, they have grey spots under the armpits, Shirts.

Leather Jacket, they come in black, tan, brown, Shirts.


Amethyst, emits a purple light, similar to crystals. It has a vitreous luster. Found in cave mines.

Pearls, they're found in tropical mines and dropped by seashells. It has a pearly luster.

Jade, they're like green marble, found in exposed veins in tropical mines.


Basic Chandelier=5 Candles, 3 Refined Iron and a Steel Hammer.

Amethyst Chandelier=5 Candles, 3 Amethysts, 3 Refined Iron and a Steel Hammer.

Pearl Chandelier=5 Candles, 3 Pearls, 3 Refoned Iron and a Steel Hammer.

(And no, I didnt forget jade, it just has another use... BUILDING!)


Cubit Coupon! They're coupons that can be handed out as gifts and they have a code, redeem it and get cubits!

Amplifier! When placed next to a stereo, it makes it so the whole realm/room can hear it.

Hourglass! A way to mesure time in CC, just click "Use" and you insert the time you want it to count, then the sand'll fall down until it reaches the wanted time!

Golden Crops! Sometimes, there is a rare chance that a seed grows a golden crop, they're worth a lot of recubes and give a lot of XP!

Junk Pile! A stinky pile of socks, rotten food and tires... EWWW!!!

Balloons! Colorful floating decorations, they're tied to the ground! Party time!

Books! These books are special, they're books written by people, and you can read them! They look like brown open books with pictures and words when placed, but when you click on the "Use" button, you can read and turn pages!

Timers! A more colorful and modern approach to hourglasses!

Radioactive materials! Sounds mutation-y! Indeed, when a qbee spends a long time near it, the qbee will start to slowly become green and blue and then die... Sad.

Cubestrial Globe! See what I did there? Its going to look like a nice cube with islands and countries spread all over!

Figurines! They look like tiny qbees with awesome poses and superhero and super villain costumes! There are going to be multiple types of figurines!

1. Superxcheese! Cheese powers!
2. Eddy! A really awesome guy with super strength!
3. Cure-tana! She has healing powers!
4. Sir Kewburn! Pyrokinesis!
5. Gdawg! Human-dog hybrid with dog powers!
6. MoeNoFeet! The guy has no feet, but he has wings!

Sorry if the fact that the names were based off mods and developpers and if it was insulting >.<
Tell me if I missed some.


Anxiety! :/
The qbee will have an anxious look, waiting for catastrophy!

Shock! >:O
Something shocking happened, and it made lil' qbee mad!

Sad Shock! D;
Why is he so sad? He must be traumatized!

Fear! D:
OH NO MAN! Its guts all over the place!

Disgust! >:P
EWW! No brocoli! No carrots, NO VEGGIES!

Stupidity! 8P
Zoooommmmm heehee! Brrrfft!

Sickness! ;^-(
Oh man, stuffy, itchy nose, I cant sleep!

Villain! >:)
Haha! I shall destroy these super mods with SCAMMING!

Villainous Laughter! >:D

New Plants!

Algae/Coral! Weird, colorful trees and flowers under the sea!

New Colorful Flowers! Roses, Rhododendrons, Sunflowers...

Qbee-vorous plants! They eat nearby qbees! And pets... They quickly snap at you, so get ready! They also cant snap at you while chewing a qbee up.

1800-1900 Clothing

Bowler Hat, comes in dark green, gray, black, white, tan, brown, Head Accessory.

Fedora, comes in gray, black, white, navy blue, Head Accessory.

Waistcoat, comes in tan, dark green, black, gray, beige, Shirt.

New Stuff: Ambience Stereo

We got the music, how about some ambience? These stereos play multiple sounds, like the fresh wind blowing and the birds chirping for a forest ambience, a bunch of gibbers and yells for a busy office, a dramatic violin sound for a scary or sad ambience, and maybe some female horror screams to set the mood for a horrible bloody nightmare!

These female screams:

Some more stuff: Cubic SoundCloud

If you dont want to waste space to install souncloud or you just dont want to make an account, you can have skme sort of music option with having the DANG STEREOS!


Listen to Pearl & Garnet Mashup (American Boy / L.A) from Pearl's Secret Rap Career by MKatwood #np on #SoundCloud

Christmas Stuff!

Advent Calendar! Every year a player that is lvl 25+ will recieve one for Christmas. Each day of logging in, you will get a prize, and at Christmas you get the ultimate prize!

New Wings!

Pheonix Wings, blazing fiery hot wings engulfed in flames.

Fallen Angel Wings, they're tattered, damaged dark angel wings that emit a gray fog.


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