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What we build is a community of Vietnam and Vietnamese.
We bring benefits to new and old players in the game.
When you can not believe anyone in this world of trickery, we hope to be the only one.
I, 00andy00, have many times tried to build a lot of works, many ideas to develop community.
You are rich, I am rich, all Vietnamese players are rich and become a strong community in the game, it is hopeless hope that always keep up and create new ideas.
But what the Vietnamese players show is a loss of confidence.
They play personal, they only know the benefits for themselves that trampled on the other players in my life style is strong and you die or star an eyebrow.
When they first start playing, they run after longtime players, have a lot of assets to ask for piercing, create trust and then gain the trust to sell it for a few tens of C in the game. People are rich from white hands, people will be rich again, and you rich by selling the faith is out C you are nothing but scum.
When the players get rich by their enthusiasm, they value their assets and trust more than ever. So they are willing to share, but the sharing brings back disappointment. Screaming then they are affectionate with other players. That is what they do not blame.
Do not put yourself higher than others. Do not bring the life of ordinary life into the game for entertainment. You are quite young. 10 or 20. You learn from the game the value of life rather than bring life into the game.
The link to the article and the message I send to people. I am 00andy00, always trying to build this community, I am rich and I want everyone as rich as me. I do not trample the moral values. I do not disrespect anyone because their life is low or they are poorer than me. I watch people the same and I judge them on the lifestyle they play. I am rich because I have the biggest asset that no one ever buys. That is the belief. My reputation in the community is well known. With me 100k as well as 100c. Make me believe you, you will be rich. That is the most sustainable way you can make in this game. Just as in society, if you build credibility and trust in others, you will never die.


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    So you are saying dont worry about cubits all the time?Because I care very little about cubits and spend more time having fun with my friends
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    tempest said:

    So you are saying dont worry about cubits all the time?Because I care very little about cubits and spend more time having fun with my friends

    I build community, we set up facebook page, create channel guide by the film.
    Play games for entertainment. But I do not want my players to have too much difficulty playing.
    Everything is simple when you understand the language in the game.
    They are not like you.

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    Giờ đi kiếm người việt thì khó! Một số thì level cao không chịu chơi với mấy level thấp:(
    Mà anh biết chỗ nào em có kiếm và mua dog level 0 với 2500 cho đến 2000 không anh?
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