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Art (Taking requests)

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Hello all! I CAN DRAW :D

OK so I'm doing this drawing thing, 50c per drawing (I can take 30c if its easy or if you want), and I had @*MaryMoon* as my first customer and example of what I draw!

So just request what you want, if it's your character (qbee) then put a screenshot for me.

Anyway thats it!


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    2 Little cartoons I made!

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    Not to be a bother, but is there any way you could do one for me digitally?
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    Kirodashi said:

    Not to be a bother, but is there any way you could do one for me digitally?

    oh I'm sorry, I cant. I literally cant draw digitally, only traditionally.

    Thanks for asking though.
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    Can you a small cookie
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    Done, @"A soft pillow"

    30c, it was easy.

    Edit: You have to pay, @"a SOFT PILLow"

    No "but it was simple!" THE WORDS were hard and I almost screwed up colouring, okay? You have to pay up 30c, if you don't. Then I will remove it and if you downloaded it YOU HAVE TO delete it. I don't want you to not pay after we agreed on it.


    Edit: Removed the added screenshot I think. Now delete the image unless you're paying up today. I EXPECT EITHER to DELETE the image or PAY THE 30c. No buts, no "I can do what I want" or "you cant make me" it's my image that I drew that you have to pay for. And you have to pay or delete the files of the downloaded image since you said you downloaded it. And do NOT lie.
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    @"Professional Killer" please close this
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    Locking it up upon owner's request.
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