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just a "simple" question

jad kheirallahjad kheirallah FamiliarMember, Familiar
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so if someone has perm in your realm/room why can't they move the door i see no reason for that
so if someone knows why i would be happy to know


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    This has driven me mad ever since this was introduced. About eighty percent of my building is for others and when I have to rely on the owner to move a door it can be ANNOYING.
  • FlookeyFlookey FamiliarMember, Familiar
    4.00 KarmaFamiliar
    I think they did that because the one who has perm,can move the Door to their own realms.the owner of the realm cant take it back if he has no perm.for example:
    Qbee1 gives perm to Qbee 2
    Qbee 2 takes portal to own realm
    Qbee1 has no perm in the realm of Qbee 2 so he cant take it back
    Not sure btw
    a solution for this would be that you can take the portal,but cant leave the realm with a portal
  • jad kheirallahjad kheirallah FamiliarMember, Familiar
    39.55 KarmaFamiliar
    you can't take the main portal out even if you're the owner :V
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    As Jad stated the main door can not be taken out but people were being tricky with realms and duplicating doors that is why they did it *cry*
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