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Bug On Overworld

edited April 20 in Bug Reports 2.75 Karma
Here some photo about that and that bug/glitch in AspenScreenshot_2017-04-20-11-46-32


  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    164.65 Karma
    There are actually 2 forest mine not 1
    But yeah it might be considered a bug,harmless though.
  • -Joystick--Joystick- Member
    11.20 Karma
    or maybe the previous mine wasn't deleted from the sky map...
  • PiousPious Member
    6.30 Karma
    It's not previous at all. Because it still exists, only, the forest itself is actually beneath the Overworld itself. If you leave the camera at the default camera angle when in the overworld, you can go to the "hidden" Forest Mine simply by clicking it in the Overworld Map, and when transported under the Overworld, wait about a half-a-second and jump forward to jump into the second Forest Mine. This bug has been around as long as Aspen itself, and it doesn't seem it's going anywhere, nor does it even really need to for that matter. Just a cool little mine that doesn't get overpopulated due to it's secrecy.
  • 0.90 Karma
    Its actually a really convenient place to go if you don't want it already hunted as not so many people know how to get to it. Its actually a pretty helpful and fun bug :D
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