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~Item Suggestions by Julie~ (Updated Nov 19th) Christmas, Valentine and more!

*JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
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Hey guys! So, I like creating ideas, soo, I made a suggestion discussion! ;o
You guys can also suggest stuff and I can add them here and give you credits! :D

Sooo, here it goes!

Spoiler: Christmas


- Clothing Item
- Comes in different colors

Ginger Bread House

- Decoration

Holly Top Hat

- A red top hat that has a christmas holly on it.
Spoiler: Example

Christmas Bells

- Decoration that can only be placed on walls
Spoiler: Example

Christmas Tree Costume

- Like the normal tree costume but with ornaments, bells, ect.

Spoiler: Valentine

Wedding Dress

-There would be 2 parts, the top and the bottom.

Love Crackers

- Red color, white heart in the middle.
- Can be placed.
- When placed, it cracks and hearts pop like the new year's crackers.

Spoiler: Example

Spoiler: Halloween

ScareCrows (ADDED! but in farm)

- Decoration

Super Hero Outfits

- Batman Set, Superman Set, Spiderman Set, ect.


- Gives a hovering effect (like the sub vampire mask)

Fireflies Stamp

(Credits to @Sculpture )
-Dark background similar to the Night stamp
-It has fireflies which will light up the place a bit,enough for you to see without torches, candles, ect.

Black Hole Portal Stamp

- Kinda looks like slime portal for Adventure Mode but it should be BLACK!

Owl Pet

- Flys behind the QBee
- Grey Owl House


- An owl that can be placed on any block.
- Decoration

Pumpkin Dress

- The bottom part will be bigger than the top
- Chest


- Creepy decoration

Witch's Broom

- When worn, you will float.
- Hand

Bat Pet

- A bat that flies behind the QBee
- Lives in a Bat House

Cow Set

- Cow Mask, Cow Shirt, Cow Pants and Tail
Spoiler: Example

Candy Bag

- Black, has drawings of pumpkins, cobwebs and candy on it.
- Works like a balloon or wand

Spoiler: Thanksgiving

Turkey Beaks (ADDED!)

- Clothing, on face. (Misc spot)

Cornucopia (ADDED!)

- Decoration
Spoiler: Cornucopia


- 2 different kind of leaves, yellow and orange.
- Placed on walls like snowflakes and paintings
- Decoration

Caramel Apples

- 1-3 caramel apples on a plate
- Decoration

Pumpkin Candles

- Pumpkins that have little candles inside them.
- Decoration
Spoiler: Pumpkin Candles

Spaghetti Hair

- The spaghetti would be the hair that would be hanging down and there would be tomato sauce with some parsley and cheese on top.

Spoiler: Easter

Pony Pet

- Can be taken out of a stable on any level
- You can ride the horse when you're over level 15
- Horse must have a saddle so you can ride it
- Can jump over 1 block
Stable : Like kennels but for ponies/horses.

Cherry Blossom Stamp

- Cherry Blossom Leaves will fly around the realm

Sunset Stamp

- The sky will look yellow-ish orange
- The realm will look a bit dark

Bird Pet

- Flies behind you
- Would stay inside a bird house.

Colorful Bunny Tails

- Bunnytails, but they come in different colors
- Can match colored Bunny Ears

Spoiler: Summer

Ice Cream Warp Food

(Credits to @=SirArchAngel= )
- Warp food that looks like an Ice Cream Cone!

Sand Buckets

- Decoration
- Comes in different colors; Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green

Sand Shovels

- Decoration
- Comes in different colors; Red, Green, Blue

Purple Bikinis

- Just like the normal bikinis but, PURPLE!

Spoiler: Farm

Eggplant Hat

(credits to @Thanh_ )
- An eggplant on your head! ;D

Spoiler: Crafted


- Placed on a pony pet so you can ride it
- Can be crafted
Crafting Recipe: 5 Silver + 5 Cottons + Any dye (saddle would be any color) + 2 Ropes + Steel Hammer = Saddle (any color)

Fake Bird Wings

- Can be worn (when you wear this, it will go on your qbee's hands, not back)
Crafting Recipe: 10 Feathers (any) + 5 String + 2 Wood Blocks + 2 Glue + Saw = Fake Bird Wings
Gliding: You will be able to glide while wearing this. There will be an option to on/off in the realm setup.
Spoiler: Fake Bird Wings


Brown Dye

- Used to make Brown Clothes and Brown Plaster
- Recipe: Green Dye + Red Dye

Cotton Candy Machine

(Credits to @"HONEY BOMB" )
- You will put ingredients to make cotton candy. It's just like any other food (Chocolate, Halloween candy, ect)
-Recipe: 2 Gears, 1 Glass, 4 Stainless Plates, Screw

Cotten Candy

(Credits to @"HONEY BOMB" )
-Recipe: 3 cotton, 2 sugar, any dye (except black)
Red dye: Strawberry, Orange dye: Orange, Yellow dye: Lemon/Banana, Green dye: Apple, Blue dye: Blueberry, Purple dye: Grape, White Dye: Coconut

Bismuth Blocks

(Credits to @=SirArchAngel= )
- Made with Bismuth Ore
- Has an amazing rainbow effect on it
-Recipe: Put bismuth ore in forge

Bismuth Ore

(Credits to @=SirArchAngel= )
- Grey color
- Used to make Bismuth Blocks


- Can be used to craft Fake Bird Wings

Spoiler: Decoration

Flower Pot (ADDED!)

- When a flower is places on top, it would look like real flowers with stems and leaves.

Spoiler: Mobs


- Seagull found in Tropical Mines (gives you seagull feathers)
- Eagle found in Mountain/Forest Mines (gives you eagle feather)
- Crows found in Mountain Mines (gives you crow feathers)
How to find them : Just like fairies but in trees and instead on magic dust flying out of the bush, feathers would fly out of the tree.

Spoiler: Clothes

Cake Hat

(credits to @OrangeTail )
- The bottom of the hat would be like a plate and the top can be a cake
Spoiler: Cake Hat


Bubble Gum

- A clothing item. (mask)
- When you wear it, it would be like the qbee is blowing the gum.


-When you wear it, you get 8 extra inventory spots.
-When wearing, you must click on it in the outfit place to open it and be able to put items inside it. (Can't put a backpack inside a backpack)
-When you take off the backpack, the items will stay inside. If you want to take the items, you must wear it and take them out.

This discussion will be updated every time I come up with new ideas!
Thanks for reading!

Updated- 19th Nov 2017
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  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
    41.20 Karma
    +1 for all, especially THE SUNSET STAMP >:0
  • ValleyValley Member
    17.55 Karma
    Pony pet and sunset stamp!! >:0000
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma
    +1 for all specially the cherry blossom stamp
    Oh wait these are our ideas sooo yeah i love them all xP
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    39.35 Karma
    BUMP! Added some things! Thought of them while staring at the wall :P
  • ValleyValley Member
    17.55 Karma
    -1 for birds, feathers and fake bird wings
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma
    -1 for all those bird stuff sorry but not a good idea
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
    edited April 1 65.60 Karma
    +10 for everything
    And the bird idea could be connected with the tumbleweed idea
    And i will leave this here o3o
  • Tomk2005Tomk2005 Member
    6.30 Karma
    +1 for everything!
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    39.35 Karma
    Bump! :D
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
    edited April 2 41.20 Karma
    :o Bird wings?
  • Aj BaRyzaAj BaRyza Member
    46.35 Karma
    +1 to everything..
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    39.35 Karma
    BUMP! Updated!
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
    edited April 2 41.20 Karma
    If you wanna check the suggestion of the cake hat, go here ->
  • Aj BaRyzaAj BaRyza Member
    46.35 Karma
    I love the glove! +1
    Because if you wear suit jacket, it will not cover all body... so if wear glove and suit at same time.... cool xD
  • [InSstep][InSstep] Member
    3.25 Karma
  • CharlaCharla Member
    2.90 Karma
  • edited April 2 24.70 Karma
    +1 for all but getting feathers from the pet bird. I don't want my bird looking like this in a few weeks.

    also people would make feather farms for easy c.

  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma

    +1 for all but getting feathers from the pet bird. I don't want my bird looking like this in a few weeks.

    also people would make feather farms for easy c.

    xP I totally agree with that a pet should be just a normal pet like dogs or hoppers xD
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    39.35 Karma
    *Saiiina* said:

    +1 for all but getting feathers from the pet bird. I don't want my bird looking like this in a few weeks.

    also people would make feather farms for easy c.

    xP I totally agree with that a pet should be just a normal pet like dogs or hoppers xD
    Hmmm, now that I think about it... It SHOULD be like other pets. It's now fixed! :D
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma
    We'll be adding a few new suggestions tmro and everyone else u can feel free to leave any suggestion you like here if we like it we might add it to the thread :D
  • 0.15 Karma
    Nice ideas +1 or everything!
  • Space_fetusSpace_fetus Game Moderator
    77.40 Karma
    a lot of time and effort put into these ideas which is quite refreshing and the quality of them shows :)
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
    27.80 Karma
    +1 for everything +100 for the pony idea <3
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    edited April 4 39.35 Karma
    Thanks guys!

    Gonna add new things soon! :D
  • ApricotApricot Member
    7.90 Karma
    Love the stamp ideas
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    39.35 Karma
    BUMP! added some new stuff. :D
  • ValleyValley Member
    edited April 25 17.55 Karma
  • Aj BaRyzaAj BaRyza Member
    edited April 25 46.35 Karma
    the bubble gum thing looks like from growtopia tho.. but
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    39.35 Karma
    Aj Baryza said:

    the bubble gum thing looks like from growtopia tho.. but

    I'm sure GrowTopia doesn't have a bubble gum clothing, but, it does have a bubble gum you can eat to fly, but if you're talking about the blue one, then that's a pacifier. :P
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