What is YOUR highest cubit count?

ExCelsiusExCelsius Member
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Basically I'm wondering what is the highest amount of cubits that you obtained at some point..xD

Mine was 20k ^^

(Ty Super :D)

Edit: Became a patron, highest is now 52k :O


  • MotivationMotivation Member
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    Im so rich
  • space_fetusspace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    i did a commission once and got paid 200k for it which is the most i have ever had, since i spend mine on materials not clothing i don't tend to make any sort of profits.
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    lucaaa795 said:

    But right now i have less than 200k

    What did you buy 0_0

    My highest is 60k thnx to the release of the suncrown xD
  • [InSstep][InSstep] Member
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    memz-memz-memz =)
  • PerfctPerfct Member
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    Somewhere around 2m, but I'm pretty poor right now.
  • JadabugJadabug Member
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    112,204 c was my highest then I somehow bought hollas and then i bought something else and then again and again ;3;
  • $uper Tiger$uper Tiger Member
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    94,000c my highest and I never bought cubits
  • Ome ROme R Member
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    400k choobits
  • The Death ReaperThe Death Reaper Behind youMember
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    80k coobits '-'
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    It was 2,700,000c with the krampus mask I won is over 3m>:[
  • PixlrPixlr Member
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    4k. lol
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    34k Spent it all on the 2016 Halloween.
  • EnderwitherEnderwither Member
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  • ValleyValley Member
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  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
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    345k, that was when i sold my krampus
    now i have 1k, wasted it on another kramp :,)
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
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  • Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
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    My highest was around 400,000c Upon the Krampus Giveaway hosted by SirKewberth, I probably have around 50,000c Right now. I'm amazing at blowing c, Tell me if u need help ;)
  • 516k
  • *TIGREX**TIGREX* Member
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    mine was 100k, but now less than 30k cause I got scammed with vend
  • AidenPlayzAidenPlayz Member
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    620,000 =D
    And I still have 620k.
  • TumbleweedTumbleweed FamiliarMember, Familiar
    71.30 KarmaFamiliar
    400k Thanks to black friday :D

    180k Now thanks to my super rare ability to spend c :D
  • 6.35 Karma

    620,000 =D
    And I still have 620k.

    That is my highest Too xD
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
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    i had 80k, i spent with 2 easter rares and some xmas pets
    now i have 50k
  • Mcwolf the SaneMcwolf the Sane BangladeshMember
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    Probably 60k. Won a couple of events one after the other, and got some big tips from some nice qbees who liked my builds. Ended up buying loads of stamps, rooms, materials, and some rare clothing for wearing them. I'm horrible with prices, so I never get to sell for profits.
  • KaijaribenKaijariben ChileMember
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    460k, i still have them lol
  • U  U Member
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    1,000,000 for me.
  • - Angelica -- Angelica - Member
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  • Royal creeperRoyal creeper Member
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    To be exact: 709213c
  • ApricotApricot Member
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    I don't know how people get above 100k lol but my highest I believe was 30k ;p I did a lot more trading than buying things.
  • Royal creeperRoyal creeper Member
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    Apricot said:

    I don't know how people get above 100k lol but my highest I believe was 30k ;p I did a lot more trading than buying things.

    I do tapjoy offers Lol
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