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Chiptune Tributes (for Official Parkour Courses)

BlakedBlaked Member
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Hello, some time ago I had said that I would make chiptunes for the parkour maps (and I think I had posted the songs that were on soundcloud), until this moment that I happened to casually return to the game, among all the things I want to do is continue that work as a Tribute, and also I needed to upload those videos to Youtube xD. If you want to hear more of my recent work, the description of the video on YouTube is everything. Enjoy!

Spoiler: The Blue Course

Spoiler: The Red Course

Spoiler: Kewberth's Office

Spoiler: Kewberth's Night Maze

Spoiler: FlyBySky

Spoiler: The Blue Course 2

Spoiler: Mephisto's Sky Palace

If you like my works, you can donate cubits and other stuff at my realm "Blaked's Plaza" as a Patreon :^)

(This post will be updating, so you may be watching from time to time while I make more chiptunes)
(Something else besides the previous, at the moment I will only do the official maps of the game, because I knew that the players have made theirs but I do not know about them, so I will go from little to little and from what I already know first)


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