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Death Wish

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Hello! Welcome to a very simple game called Death Wish. In this game you have gotten very sick and may pass away soon, luckily a strange man came to you and tells you that you have one wish before you die. But the strange man is sneaky and trys to find a loop hole in your wish.

Nerve: I wish for 1,000 bucks!

Lucaaa795: You get 1,000 deers!
I wish for 100 Candy Bars! And so on.

-Don't try and make it impossible to find a loop hole, just put down a wish how you would usually write/type/say a wish.

-If you can not find a loop hole just comment that you can't find one.

-It does not have to be a loop hole, they just have to get something different than what they really were wishing for. Example:
Bobby: I wish for 1,000 krampus'!
Joey: Bobby's house get's filled with living krampus' and is trapped.

I'll start: I wish for unlimited dirt!


  • 'Sir.Fox''Sir.Fox' Member
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    The dirt falls on you and you suffocate ;3
    I wish for... 1000 clan stones :u
  • ValleyValley Member
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    Too many clans, too many people. You get stampeded by the troop of people.
    I wish for air ;)
  •  Thanh_ Thanh_ Somewhere near 16°28'30.0"N 107°36'07.2"E at the South East AsiaMember
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    The air is poisonous and you suffocate.
    I wish for a cup of normal water o-o
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    Turns out you're allergic to normal water
    i wish for a cat
    (I already know how this is going to end)
  • ValleyValley Member
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    Your cat runs away and you chase after it, tripping over yourself and falling into the sewer. You fall into the disgusting water and drown. Hm you expect that? XD
    I wish for grandma's home made cookies
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    But you forgot your grandma cant cook and they are all burned

    I wish for mudkips
  • *>Remo<**>Remo<* Member
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    you get mud in your face

    i wish for chickens
  • ValleyValley Member
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    They lay no eggs, so you die of starvation
    I wish for another book of The Hunger Games
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
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    While reading, the book became reality and you were taken out by an arrow.

    I wish for Assassins knife :)
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  • TumbleWeedTumbleWeed Member
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    You steal Assassin's knife and he's now your worst enemy and kills you

    I wish for a pet crow
  • misticallmisticall Member
    edited March 2017 50.95 Karma
    You find a crow and excitedly pick it up, only for it to use its beak to stab you in the neck.
    Edit: here's my wish
    I wish to die (no loophole needed)
  • 'Sir.Fox''Sir.Fox' Member
    20.60 Karma
    Gives you souch life you implode o-o
  • U  U Member
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    Um you didn't say a wish >:o

    I wish that dragon's would be free!
  • *SnowyOwl**SnowyOwl* Member
    19.55 Karma
    The dragons turn against you and scorch you to death

    I want a bird pet ;D
  • ExCelsiusExCelsius FamiliarMember, Familiar
    1.20 KarmaFamiliar
    The bird gets big and eats you xD

    I want a million cubits :O
  • 5.80 Karma
    You get your cubits but it's only a small loan of a million cubits...so yea you'll have to return it sooner or later :)

    I wish for world peace!
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
    280.60 Karma
    *error, wish cant be granded. not possible*

    i wish for chicken wings
  • YakrooYakroo Somewhere In The Milky WayMember
    14.50 Karma
    But It Flew Away

    I Wish For A Wish
  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
    60.00 Karma
    The wish you wished for killed you

    I wish to be in a lucky person's body
  • MotivationMotivation Member
    21.60 Karma
    You cant... you just cant.

    I wish for a cookie

    (Also, isnt this very similar to the forum game, "Corrupt a Wish!"?)
  • TumbleWeedTumbleWeed Member
    74.40 Karma
    It's invisible and you can't find it

    I wish for my dog to play cc! :O
  • U  U Member
    124.20 Karma

    You cant... you just cant.

    I wish for a cookie

    (Also, isnt this very similar to the forum game, "Corrupt a Wish!"?)

    Never seen/heard of it. (Or I have a bad memory lol)
  • edited March 2017 4.30 Karma
    I wish for an immortal Cubit that can't harm me in anyway. :3 (or a deadly crocodile which can kill me with a single touch). Anyways now Tumbleweeds wish, the dog bites him and uses him as a scratching tumbleweed then fly's around cc to find other victims.
  • ValleyValley Member
    edited March 2017 33.65 Karma
    Err, well the cubit will just sit in the right hand corner and won't harm you at all so I guess you still live to see another day. Let's just go with the croc swallowing you hole. :)

    I wish for an ice cream
  • U  U Member
    124.20 Karma
    You choke on the ice cream!

    I wish a dragon costume would be added.
  • misticallmisticall Member
    50.95 Karma
    The dragon costume comes alive and kills its creator!

    I wish for a hug :3
  • TumbleWeedTumbleWeed Member
    74.40 Karma
    No one has arms :O

    I wish for tumbleweeds to be added to cc!
  • Royal creeperRoyal creeper Member
    3.35 Karma
    The hug hugged you so hard you died in lack of oxygen

    I wish for a game :p
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
    280.60 Karma
    tumble's: they all collect on you and their weight kills you

    royal's: you are being sucked in the game, you cant leave the game until you finished it and if you die in the game you die in real life. and since you are only on your own its impossible to beat

    i wish for pudding
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