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No camera moving?

jim04jim04 Member
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My friend told me that is camera was not turning and he could not access the keyboard menu. He is on a laptop but I'm not sure which type. I don't expect it to be fixed but it would be nice if you could :D


  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 FamiliarMember, Familiar
    9.00 KarmaFamiliar
    Type i deft betamax!
  • jim04jim04 Member
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    I will tell him to try that, if it does not work I will let him know.
  • misticallmisticall Member
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    If I defy Betamax! doesn't work, it's probably something on his end.
  • jim04jim04 Member
    3.00 Karma
    Maybe, I have not had the chance to tell him yet
  • 0.15 Karma
    Yeah this was me and maybe it is a fault on my PC - its an Acer Aspire. I've tried defying Betamax and going on my keyboard settings but nothing has worked. I'm getting a new PC soon anyway so I'll say if the problem carries on.

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