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Cubic Castles... Hired... Illuminati...?! WUUT?!

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Alright guys, big discovery. Horus. Is. Illuminati! It was so obvious!

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.28.12 pm

His shoulders to his head makes a triangle! DING DING DINGGG

Then his right eye... is darker than the left... looks evil... and u cant see it... the odd EYE out... WUUTT?! I'm sure your all gonna say its the shading... but that shading... gives a creepy feeling.... WUUT?!?!

@Horus @SirKewberth Your secrets are out! We know you've been helping Illuminati! So SPIT IT OUT! -..-

(Joke thread. Was this meant to be in off topic?)


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